About Dylan Golden

Dylan Golden is an Independent Latin American Hip-Hop Artist currently based in Brooklyn New York. Driven by a mission to inspire others to overcome their struggles, and with the solid talent to deliver the message, 28 year old Dylan Golden is poised to make waves with hip hop fans and music lovers alike who aren’t satisfied with just a catchy beat and empty hook. Since 2010 Dylan has been performing along the east coast and recording music regularly tapping into his Latin X origins. Since then Dylan has released numerous singles independently including three full LPs. Dylan’s catalogue includes “Treasures of The Heart” (2013) Humble Beginnings” (2016) “Revolution of The Heart” (2018). To coincide with Dylan’s latest Album, Dylan and his team GSM Creative which consist of Sister Bianca Golden, and Wife Iuliia Rudenko-Golden Created a Short Film entitled “Half Dead”

“The short film is a journey of imagery lamenting the trials of marginalized bodies that begins by highlighting their

 vulnerability through the depiction of naked backs moving and convulsing to the rhythm. The film then shifts to a street in Flatbush where dancers with tape on their mouths dance with frantic energy that matches Golden’s flow. The conclusion of the film is situated in the woods, tying up all the preceding imagery of brutal police force and violence with imagery of the fallen victims of that violence. The album and music film work in concert to call out everyone from the recording labels to the president, displaying the stream of consciousness of a rapper working his way through his view of the world using his art. ‘Half Dead’ is a dark and powerful slice of our current time and ‘Revolution of the Heart’ is the soundtrack to match.”  --Afropunk

Dylan Golden has performed at some of New York's top venues for up-and coming artist including SOB’s, Slake NYC, Sofar NYC, Revolution Live, The Stage, Joes Pub at The Public Theater, Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, The Atrium at Lincoln Center, and The Honda Center Where Dylan performed at the 50k Lions of Justice Festival.