Dylan Golden is a second generation Latin American Filmmaker originally from Miami Florida, who has planted deep roots in the heart of Flatbush Brooklyn. Dylan’s cinematic journey is in no way conventional. It wasn’t until 2015 when Dylan Directed, and edited his very own short Music Film. Inspired by what was happening in this country, he wanted to create original music and a film that spoke on racial division, police brutality, and corruption in the government. This artistic process led him to realizing his deep passion for filmmaking. Dylan now 26 years old, has always had a deep respect for film and photography; his Father Victor Golden who has been a professional Photographer since Dylan could remember inspired him through is sincere and striking images of people. Currently working on his script for his first feature Film, Dylan is also actively creating a documentary, following the lives of 3 professional athletes.  This is a story of second generation American Immigrants, using their skills to fight for their American Dream. Dylan was also recently awarded the grand prize for Nikons “In Every Frame” video contest for his upcoming short music film “Half Dead”

VISUAL Directed by Shaan Couture Shot by Shaan Couture, Alex Li, and Dylan Golden

"This is Bali" 
Here are some of the moments I was able to capture on the magical Island of Bali.
This trip My Wife and I took was truly remarkable. 


2017 New York City Golden Glove Champion Andy Dominguez opens up about "Roots" family and love for boxing and going Professional. Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Dylan Golden.

Music by Kris Karz.

Special thanks to Mendez Boxing Gym.

Bianca Golden "Ten Thousand Hours" Choreography by Bianca Golden.

Song: LAVINDUR Original Music by KAMAU

Filmed & edited by Dylan Golden