September 23rds 50K "Lions of Justice" Festival was the culmination of the past two years, and the tremendous efforts and support by The Mens and Woman's Division in SGI-USA. It felt like a tremendous breakthrough especially because the Friday before and all throughout the weekend I was suffering from Vocal fatigue and swollen vocal glands. However I was determined to really show the greatness of my Mentor Daisaku Ikeda and truly be a vessel for his message of creating a society based on world peace and the dignity of all life. I am truly thankful for being able to perform with such incredible Artist/Members Who are standing up in their own life to create an outstanding society where young people are the most important factor in creating change in America. Now History is unfolding as we create our own. 

Sincerely -Dylan G. 

Photograph by Iuliia Rudenko-Golden

Photograph by Iuliia Rudenko-Golden

 The Trump administration announced it was ending DACA Tuesday September 5th. Me and my fellow New Yorkers felt obligated to stand up to all the hate that Trump has been demenstrating.  #DefendDACA and do not stand quiet for your brothers and sisters. 

As a photographer I consider myself to be extremely lucky. My mentor is Victor Golden, better known to me as my Pops (an acclaimed street Photographer for over 30 years) and I have the most beautiful subject any person with a camera could ask for. My wife Iuliia.
— Dylan Golden

My Neighborhood Flatbush, in Brooklyn NY. Summer 2017.