My name is Dylan Golden. I have been working in some of the finest kitchens In both Miami and New York City for the past 6 years. I started my culinary journey in 2011 at a local burger joint, where after of working as a busser for a few months, I found myself complacent and desiring more. I decided to become a line cook, because I found the kitchen to be more exciting and invigorating. I began my foundation "Flipping Burgers" and making other staple bar dishes. Six years Later and after working for Chefs like Justin Smillie. Jonathan Waxman, Michael Shwartz, Victoria Blammey, Josh Stumbaugh, and Sean Mcpaul. I decided to take a break from professional cooking and begin the photographic journey. I've met really incredible Chefs and cooks who work extremely hard, under immense pressure, and I feel a responsibility to share their stories. 

Dylan Golden.

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